Welcome to the Truthful Twenties!

We are two good friends from New Zealand that are simply trying to navigate adulthood. We’re both taking different paths but we’ve come to realise that this journey is both sucky and exciting – so why not share our experiences? Ten years of friendship has led us through excitement, compromise, heartache and happiness. We have embarked on many journeys, some together and some alone – with plenty more to come! 

For us, we are genuine about telling it straight without the fluff. We want to share what situations we’ve overcome and the current events that are happening in our daily lives because maybe someone out there will relate to us (or learn from our mistakes – you’ll soon learn that there have been a lot of them!)

We are Bridget and Shayla – grab a glass of wine, put your feet up and get ready to laugh and cry with two girls desperately trying to figure their lives out.


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