His version of a heartbreak

Shes saying things she doesn’t mean
Threatens to leave
Blames me for her unhappiness
Stays out late
Distances herself

She won’t talk
Walks right past
Avoids conversation
There is no time for me


Today she left me
Cold and alone
Her belongings scattered
Taking what was needed
Was gone before I made it home

I fall to the ground
Head in my hands
My chest tightens
Eyes swell


I haven’t heard from her
Where is she?
I dial her number
but never make the call

Numb the feeling
Spend nights gaming
Long days working
Girls every weekend

Lets keep pretending
Nothing is wrong


She messaged me
I sensed relief
I feel hurt
This is worse.

Shes saying she means what she says
Wants to return
Apologises for the blame games
Promises commitment
Brings herself back to me




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