Priorities change 

Today I pressed a button I did not ever think I would. The button is known as failure to some. This button is known as ‘giving up’ to others. To me, this button confirms my priorities. 

The withdrawal button. 

For someone so ‘dedicated to my studies’ I am pretty shocked to be writing this today. My priorities have changed. I realise I am unable to master the life of Wonder Women. I realise I am unable to master all I do, really well. I realise my heart is not in my Masters studies anymore. 

It is not a complosary for me. It is not the end of my career. It is now up to me. 
I can currently succeed at work. I can soon excel. I can currently get things done. I can soon do more. I can commit to work. I can soon commit to fast development. 

A friend of mine keeps saying ‘do you’ and although it took 20 times to repeat this it finally sunk in. I am finally changing my priorities, for me. I let go of something my heart was not in anymore and am now focusing on the things I am proud of.  

Bridget x


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