Introducing Shayla

Writing about yourself is super weird. What info do I share? What do I feel best describes me? What defines me?

I’m Shayla. I’m 23, I have two dogs and a fiancé. I work at a bathroomware company and I also study part time (aka I turn in a half assed assignment a few times a semester). I’m planning a wedding, renovating a home, getting shitfaced every weekend and generally trying not to fuck my life up too much – I’m a busy lass.

I am ridiculously lazy, but I also desperately crave an extraordinary future. It’s a stupid combination. I don’t take life too seriously, I tell it how it is, and you can count on me to provide a light hearted play by play of my attempts at adulting.

My life gets a little complicated because I experience every moment with an intense amount of passion. If I love someone, I am a fierce supporter of everything they endeavor to achieve. The flip side of that is my tendency to kind of hate everything else. My sarcastic personality will shine through in my posts but please don’t get me wrong, I am a kind and sensitive soul. 

I have a feeling #ShaylasStories will be a little different to Bridget’s. She has her head screwed on and her goals in sight. I’m a bit more of a loose unit. This will be a fun and contrasting combination. 

Stay tuned for shenanigans!


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